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Reality v. fantasy


The U.S. is the bad guy, right? Planet Gore


"The film you have to see"


Planet Gore: “Not evil, just wrong

"Poisoned by fear"


What a sad state of affairs. Science is suffering the repression of a new Inquisition:

“I HEAR on the scientific grapevine that CSIRO’s biggest problem when providing formal advice to the federal Government on the matter of climate change is to say nothing that can be interpreted as giving aid and comfort to the army of irresponsible sceptics out there who are doubtful about the dreadful consequences of global warming.

One can only feel sorry for the Government. Where can it go these days to get unbiased advice on the issue of global warming? Its official sources are poisoned by the fear among many scientists that they may be labelled by their colleagues and by their institutions as climate-change sceptics.” “Advice is poisoned by fear

That's a lot, folks


“According to the UAH data For 2008, we are averaging about .4 to .5 degrees C cooler than last year.” “UAH satellite data: Globally, 2008 significantly cooler than last year

Labour going down, tax revolt in Britain


“Lord Turner’s comments underline the growing conflict between environmental policies – which rely on increasing the cost of energy to encourage people to cut their emissions – and the government’s need to respond to widespread concerns over the effects of high energy prices. The timing of Lord Turner’s intervention could hardly be worse for Mr Brown. As Labour on Friday suffered its worst poll rating since records began in 1943, the prime minister remained under intense pressure over his handling of the fuel crisis.” “FSA chief heats fuel taxes debate

Solar cycles, solar wind, cosmic rays, cloudiness, global temperature


“These climatic changes were accompanied with the reduction of cloudiness which was in correlation with the reduction of cosmic rays (neutrons) especially strong within the 22nd sunspot period. Sun observations of NASA showed since this time stronger increase of eruptions of protons transporting solar winds, which were reducing cosmic radiation by magnetic deflections. This effect caused reductions of cloudiness partly till about 30 %. Therefore this “Climate Jump” with its increasing ground near temperature, causing the above mentioned changes, is sun made. Moreover the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) showed correlations with neutron flux, which stables the assumption, that there is a causal connection between sunspot controlled cosmic rays and cloudiness: Correlations between these components give a causal chain which leads to the knowledge, that increasing sun activity causes the increase of yearly averages of ground near temperature and as a consequence also the observed prolongation of the growing season in Central Europe.” “Climate Change in Central Europe in Correlation with Changes of Sun Activities

Thwarting the green power grab: the people won't have it


“Events in Crewe and Nantwich illustrate the difficulties of politicians intent on doing anything, such as carbon-taxing to avert catastrophe since a) no one really believes it’s coming, b) they’ll be dead anyway, c) the recession has left them much too fearful and poor to care, and d) they won’t vote for anyone who tries to make them.” “Green politics, like all fashions, has proved sadly transient

Harper's strategy


“Prime Minster Stephen Harper will aim to persuade several European counterparts next week to press developing nations such as China and India to take more significant roles in reducing greenhouse gases when the Kyoto accord expires. … “The Prime Minister will speak about the need for a truly global approach to a global challenge of climate change,” an official said. “This means if you really want to have an impact on dealing with climate change, you can’t have major economies and emitters like India and China and others outside the process. Everybody’s got to be part of the process and do their part.”” “PM wants Europe to press India, China to cut gases

This is a good strategy to justify Canada’s non-participation in a futile pact to fight the phantom menace. Harper knows China and India will not join in an economy-crippling emissions reduction pact, and their non-participation will provide cover for his.

Let them eat cake


These two stories were published back-to-back by Reuters:

Global Biofuel Output To Soar In Next Decade-Report

Food Prices To Stay High, “Grain Drain” Fuel Blamed

Canada to adopt food-burning biofuel strategy


This ought to help the world food crisis, eh?:

OTTAWA – Government legislation that will require all gasoline sold in Canada to contain 5 percent ethanol by 2010 passed the House of Commons on Wednesday.Canada House Gives Green Light To Biofuel Bill