Miskolczi's model getting more attention

“[Miskolczi’s] theory implies that adding CO2 to the atmosphere would reduce the relative humidity. So, has relative humidity been falling with increasing CO2 concentrations?

Here is a graph of global average annual relative humidity at various elevations in the atmosphere expressed in milli-bars (mb) from 300 mb to 700 mb for the period 1948 to 2007. The data is from the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory here.

This graph shows that the GCM assumption of constant relative humidity is wrong and is yet another proof that the climate predictions of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are wrong. …

The new Miskolczi theory of the greenhouse effect provides the detailed explanation of why the greenhouse effect is limited to its current value for a constant external Sun forcing. Adding CO2 to the atmosphere just replaces an equivalent amount of water vapour to maintain a constant greenhouse effect.

The global warming the Earth has experienced over the twentieth century is mostly due to the Sun, including the Sun’s effects on clouds via cosmic rays. Increasing Sun activity adds to the greenhouse effect by increasing the specific humidity; increasing CO2 concentration in the atmosphere does not.” ““Saturated greenhouse effect” wrecks climate models


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