Earth’s warming since the Little Ice Age

“An almost linear global temperature increase of about 0.5C/100 years (~1F/100 years) seems to have started at least one hundred years before 1946, when manmade CO2 in the atmosphere began to increase rapidly. …

One possible cause of the linear increase may be Earth’s continuing recovery from the Little Ice Age (1400-1800). This trend (0.5C/100 years) should be subtracted from the temperature data during the last 100 years [0.6C increase] when estimating the manmade contribution to the present global warming trend.” “Is Earth still recovering from the Little Ice Age?”, IceCap, What’s New & Cool, August 28.

This leaves an upper limit of only 0.1C possibly due to CO2 increase in the 20th century from 280 to 380 ppmv. This in turn means, because of the logarithmic dependence of temperature on concentration, a doubling of CO2 to 560 ppmv might possibly lead to an upper limit on additional warming of only 0.1C.

This is not a crisis, this is not even a problem, in fact it is beneficial since CO2 will increase agricultural production and green the Earth.

Earth’s recovery from the Little Ice Age is a result of changes in solar cycles, just as the Little Ice Age itself was caused by the Maunder Minimum.

View Earth’s recovery from the Little Ice Age: Mendenhall Glacier; Ilulissat Glacier.


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