Motl explains AGW groupthink

“But much like a majority of scientists in the Academia, Leonard Susskind is “progressive” (far left) when it comes to politics and global warming is one of the main incarnations of modern leftism. It is about the regulation of the world. The basic questions (or, more precisely, the key answers) have nothing to do with science and they are not allowed to be questioned by science. …

The case of global warming and equality is completely analogous. The left-wing believers are ready to use the scientific method to analyze all kinds of small questions and phenomena. For example, they may scientifically study the gaugino masses or the squirrels in New Jersey that almost no one outside their narrow field cares about.

But in their viewpoint, science has its boundaries, too. When it comes to the fundamental question such as “should the government remove all inequalities between the people?” or “should the government regulate?” or “should the government pay huge and increasing money to the Academia?” or other questions that could directly influence the previous three, there is no room for a scientific debate. The debate is over before it started. These are pre-determined dogmas. “Wrong” answers would make all of their life and work meaningless.

For example, one can talk about all kinds of somewhat detailed climatological questions with Andy Strominger, too. But he would explicitly make you sure that these arguments don’t really matter because the regulation and redistribution are good things even if the whole “science” is completely wrong. That’s how it works. Science is irrelevant here. In the following day, he would have a lunch will Al Gore and a dinner with Naomi Oreskes.”

Leonard Susskind, global warming, and groupthink


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