Kerry remains a fool

“America is back as a leader on the issue of climate change and will press ahead with policy changes that address environmental and economic challenges that are now interlinked, according to Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) …

With scientific evidence weighing in favor of the idea that global warming is man made [!], it is imperative for the global community to shift away from dependence on fossil fuels and to a green economy as a matter of survival, Kerry said.

“You can’t be half-pregnant on this issue,” he said. “You can’t accept the science and say ‘yes, global warming is man made and yes, climate change is happening faster than the scientists in fact thought it was going to,’ and then not accept the same scientific conclusions with respect to what that impact is and what we’re already witnessing.”

Kerry expressed concern over melting ice caps, rising ocean levels, weather pattern changes, forest migration, agricultural changes and potential droughts.” “‘America is Back’ as a Leader on Climate Change, Sen. Kerry Says


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