CO2 growth rate lags temperature by 6-9 months

Caption: “Comparison of annual CO2 growth and lower troposphere temperature. Black: moving annual CO2 growth (Mauna Loa). Blue: lower troposphere temperature (MSU UAH)”

“It appears from this graph that CO2 concentrations [growth rate] follows temperature with a lag of approximately 6-9 months. The interesting part is of course that the CO2 trends so markedly responds to temperature changes.” “Flat Ice Core CO2-graph During 1000 Years?” h/t Icecap

I would think that this short-term lag in rate of change of CO2 concentration is apparently caused by short-term out- and in-gassing of CO2 in the oceanic surface layer and the long-term ~800-year lag of CO2 concentration shown in the Antarctic ice cores is apparently caused by long-term deep oceanic circulation.


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