Alarmists: Australia doomed

“In the 1959 Gregory Peck classic “On the Beach,” humanity’s last holdouts in the aftermath of a global nuclear war huddle in Australia and wait for the inevitable atomic wind to carry the rest of the species away. When it comes to today’s real-world climate crisis, though, Australia is going first, not last.

As Times staff writer Julie Cart reported Thursday, Australia appears to be experiencing the effects of climate change earlier and more dramatically than most of the other inhabited parts of the globe. A Southern Hemisphere continent that was already a land of climate extremes has become more so in recent years. Even as the tropical north is deluged by flooding and warmer ocean currents are spawning more powerful cyclones, the parched south and interior have turned into baking dead zones. The results: vast brush fires, killer heat waves, increased tropical diseases, ruined crops, loss of livestock, severe water shortages and quickening species extinction.” “Climate change hits Australia first, and hard


2 Responses to “Alarmists: Australia doomed”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    If the alarmists want to point to Australia as evidence of global warming, let them. I remember a couple of years ago when Georgia was in the middle of a bad drought. It too was being used as an example of the horrors that global warming held in store for the rest of the U.S. Almost two years later, you don’t hear much about Georgia. Here’s why:,SGive Australia a few years. They’ll get through these normal, cyclical, weather patterns, and the alarmists will focus their attention on somewhere else.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Actually, we in Australia are wondering where our summers have gone! We used to have long hot summers, when we hardly saw a cloud in the sky from October to April. We had sporadic heatwaves during this time, at least one of which lasted around three weeks – usually in January/February – when temperatures climbed to over 40 degrees during the day and seldom dropped below 30 degrees at night. Even the winters were warm and wet – kids used to walk through the rain barefoot carrying their shoes to keep them dry for their day at school! Now, 20 years later our summer lasts from December to march with the odd heatwave lasting a few days……………. and then some nut comes along, lights a fire which kills many people and they blame it on Global Warming. Give me a break please!!!!!!!!

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