New solar spin-orbit coupling presentation

Desmoulins graph: green peaks = JEV most aligned days.

“The Sunspot cycle which averages 11 years is still a mystery, with no real conclusive science that has been put forward with any certainty on what controls the varying length of the Sunspot cycle.

Previously in my Neptune/Uranus article we discussed the work of Desmoulins who has graphed the “most aligned days” of Jupiter, Earth and Venus which shows a good correlation with the sunspot record. The two sets of data can drift away slightly but have always kept in sync in the last 400 years. Currently The most aligned days is lagging behind the Sunspot record slightly and going by past occurrences should catch up during SC24 max. Hung as also done some similar research showing the same result as well as Ulric Lyons who presented his case on this blog last year.

Now we have another study by G.E.Pease which backs up this previous work and provides many diagrams and tables to support the Planet Tidal Theory. The presentation is in powerpoint format and can be downloaded HERE.” “Sunspot cycle phasing with conjunctions of Jupiter and inner planets” Prior posts here and here.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am quite happy for you to use my articles as long as the website it came from is referenced. In this particular case you have the heading wrong, the presentation is related to tidal theory and sunspot cycles.Geoff

  2. Jean-Pierre Desmoulins Says:

    Thanks for the reference. The peaks amplitudes are the “quality function” of syzygies, i.e. :
    15° – orb
    orb is the angle sector in which planets gather at syzygie. A sign is added to respect the “Bracewell” convention, for signed sunspot numbers. It turns out that this sign is related to the position of Venus and Earth during VEJ triple syzygies, thereof conjunction of opposition.

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