B.C. insanity

“[M]aking [British Columbia] students lab rats in an experiment to make the province a leader in the exchange of carbon credits is not the way to [“tackle” climate change].

Starting next year, school districts will be expected to calculate and pay for carbon emissions when there’s no money in the pot to pay for teachers.

It’s an added financial burden for districts already caught in a cash crunch.

The Surrey School District is already facing a $9.5-million shortfall due to a reduction in revenues and increased costs.

The carbon emission plan imposed by the province will add nearly $2 million in expenses annually to Surrey’s bottom line – the equivalent of the annual salaries for 28 full-time teachers.

First, districts have to buy and use an expensive, time-consuming calculator – from the province, which developed it – to figure out how many tonnes of carbon emissions they create in heating and lighting schools, then they’ll pay carbon offsets to industry through a carbon exchange called the Pacific Carbon Trust. This Crown corporation will then use the funds to reward industries that cut back on their carbon emissions.” “Children will pay for B.C.’s carbon credit stance

Update: not just schools, hospitals also must pay this punitive and climatically futile carbon tax, as I’m reminded in the first comment below.


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