Gone but not forgotten (by the alarmist left)

“Who’s the biggest eco villain of the noughties?

3.8% James Inhofe, for labelling global warming a “hoax”
1.6% Christopher Monckton, for prolific climate denial
5.6% Sarah Palin, for putting oil and gas exploration ahead of the polar bear
3.1% Christopher Booker, for his columns of misinformation on climate change
1.6% Paul Golby, for trying to build new coal power stations in the UK
3.1% Geoff Hoon, for pushing through Heathrow’s third runway
66.5% George Bush, for undoing decades of US progress on the environment
2.4% Donald Trump, for his controversial Scottish golf course
10.3% Jeremy Clarkson for encouraging car use and denying climate change
2% Vaclav Klaus, for becoming Europe’s most high-profile climate denier”

Who’s the biggest eco-villain of the noughties?” h/t Tom Nelson


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