Gasp! The beaches will disappear!

Expect more and more of these alarmist “news” stories as Dopenhagen approaches (sea level has been rising at a fairly constant long-term rate of only 2 to 4 inches per century since the Little Ice Age):

“Geologists say more than 70 percent of Kauai’s beaches are eroding while Oahu has lost a quarter of its sandy shoreline. They warn the problem is only likely to get significantly worse in coming decades as global warming causes sea levels to rise more rapidly. …

Chip Fletcher, a University of Hawaii geology professor, says scientists in Hawaii haven’t yet observed an accelerated rate of sea level rise due to global warming. …

But a more rapid rise in sea levels, caused by global warming, is expected [by climate models and alarmists] to contribute to erosion in Hawaii within decades. In 100 years, sea levels are likely to be at least 1 meter, or 3.3 feet, higher than they are now, pushing the ocean inland along coastal areas.” “Hawaii’s Famed White Sandy Beaches Are Shrinking


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