These things always happen while I’m away, damn it:

Climategate: Alarmism Is Underpinned by Fraud

Hacked: Hadley CRU FOI2009 files

Global warming meltdown: Climategate!

Climategate: how the MSM reported the greatest scandal in modern science

Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’?

The alarmists do “science”: a case study

WarmerGate Fallout: ‘I am sick to my stomach’: ‘As a long time AGW supporter I must say I found the emails very disturbing’

In the trenches on climate change, hostility among foes

Scientist in climate change ‘cover-up’ storm told to quit

Climate cuttings 33

Inhofe Launches “Climategate” Investigation — Warns Participants to Retain Documents

Global warming fraud: somebody needs to go to jail

Lord Lawson calls for public inquiry into UEA global warming data ‘manipulation’

Even Moonbat gets it: “The Knights Carbonic


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