"Stirring the mass demand for Reformation"

“Occasionally scientific enquiry leads to an elegantly simplistic solution. However, most often, simple solutions are simply stupid. And such was the case of the Goreian Climate Model. Nothing is more simplistic than the superstition that a single, naturally occurring, mandatory for life, atmospheric molecule can control the Earth’s climate.

The Hadley Research Centre computer hacking is a watershed event in human history. It is during pivotal times of crisis, when there is moral clarity, which have always defined our civilized world. During these times, the prior moralities form a collage that will then focus humanity in a new direction.

There is an at present, a nebulas [sic] figure, who has directed the recently revealed Science Cardinals to issue Carbon Indulgences and this is stirring the mass demand for Reformation. There is a display of entitlement and arrogance which is increasing the mass desire for public demonstrations of the guillotine. There is the hijacking of our highest level of technological achievement and crashing them into our financial heart. But most of all there is the collective conscious raised by the demonic actions of totalitarian forces which are hell bent on global domination. It is the Fall of the Berlin Wall for these evil, would be masters. It is time for the New Magna Carta.

It is time for the purge and reboot. For the lead AGW climate scientists, this will be sudden and decisive, due to behavior so abhorrent that none can condone. There is a fairy tale cast of climate charlatans to be the lead lambs. There is Phil “Butcher” Jones who has slaughtered and packaged the data. There is James “Baker” Hansen, who willingly heated the climate information in his control.

Dr Michael “Hockey Stick Maker” Mann carved up a marvel of mathematics. The best quote on Dr. MM is from Dr Tim Ball who stated that….”Dr Mann is in transition from Penn State to State Pen”. We can only hope he does a better job with license plates than he did with hockey sticks. Hey Doc, give this story a happy ending, just ‘Mann up’ and tell us who the real puppet masters are. …

It is time for meaningful mea culpa from our “peer review panels” and from what MM affectionately refers to in his emails as the “prestige press”. One of the most visible proponents of this press is the self anointed scientist, Chris Mooney of Discover Magazine. Though unwilling to engage in public debate he does snipe at detractors from his position as leader of the lemming parade. His Ivy League pedigree and Disney funding over-ride his vacuous scientific underpinnings.

This under endowed genius wannabe has been most venomous and vocal in his attack on deniers. One need only read the titles of Mr. Mooney’s great coauthored works to understand his sophomoric perspective. His first great work was the sinistral screed, The Republican War On Science, which is testament to his orientation. One must wonder if Issac Newton dwelt on the Tory/Whig implications of gravity. …

There is little that humanity can do to overcome the hellish conditions of the natural world. Adding small amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide is too trivial a problem to deal with. What humanity can and MUST do is to control the hellish nature of man. With the Hadley hacking the Humpty-Dumpty is off the wall and it is time for all to get off the fence. Either you stand with humanity and freedom or you stand with the forces of the intentional evil and the insatiably greedy.

To those with childish dreams to rule as new world kings, let us inform you of a few new things. The tables have turned, your motives are laid bared. The henchmen defected, the rooks are not there. The pawns are marching and the moment is near. The nightmare unfolding is your greatest fear. In the battle of species let me explain, it is the mammals, who will wash, your reptilian brain. In epic times there are endless metaphors for refrain, but let us close with a quote for those We distain [sic]:

We shall fight on the beaches,
We Shall Fight On The Landing Grounds,

(Did We make ourselves clear ?)” “Recusant Picadores Circle the IPCC


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