"They Need Someone Who Understands This To ‘Splain it To Them"

“This weekend I was startled and very pleased to see the financial shows on Fox Business discussing some of the issues about “ClimateGate”.

Sadly, their “panel” was up against a talking points troll and they let him run rampant unchallenged. Repeatedly he ranted about “it’s all Peer Reviewed PEER REVIEWED!!!”

As though that granted immunity from the issue.

And answer came there none.

Someone needs to let the news guys know that it was the apparent Suborning of Peer Review that makes this so horrid. That these were the peer reviewers and they were doing it fraudulently (IMHO) with attempts to blackball discenters [sic] and what looked like blackmail editors (with threats of boycotts).

Rather like attending a police brutality hearing and having the defence shout: These are policemen POLICEMEN!!! Someone ought to have said: Yes, and that is the whole point…” “Fox Business and Others Accept Peer Review Dodge — They Need Someone Who Understands This To ‘Splain it To Them


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