Ecowackos plan circus in Dopenhagen

Environmental activists are hoping that demonstrations at next month’s climate summit in Denmark can forge a protest movement like the anti-globalization movement seen after the WTO riots in [Seattle in] 1999. …

[W]hen it comes to demonstrations they plan to stage during the 11-day summit, optimism is as plentiful as CO2 emissions in the US. Leaders say they expect thousands, if not tens of thousands, to show up in support of what they call “fundamental” change in global emissions practices. …

To that end, Climate Justice Action and other groups are planning a number of activities to drive home their message. On Dec. 11, one group plans to take “direct action to confront corporations taking part” in the summit in an action called “Don’t Buy the Lie.” A number of groups are planning a worldwide protest for Dec. 12. And on Dec. 13th, another group hopes to blockade the Copenhagen harbor in protest against the way goods are produced, transported and consumed.

Perhaps most significant, however, Müller and his group plan to storm the conference on Dec. 16 and “disrupt the sessions and use the space to talk about our agenda,” as the Climate Justice Action Web site describes it. The hope is that official delegations participating in the summit will join the protest, called “Reclaim Power.”” “Climate Change Summit Becomes a Target for Protest” h/t Planet Gore


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