Is Mr. Spock going senile?

“He shows a fascination with science, an all-too deliberate decision-making demeanor, an adherence to logic and some pretty, ahem, prominent ears.

They all add up to a quite logical conclusion, at least for “Star Trek” fans: Barack Obama is Washington’s Mr. Spock, the chief science officer for the ship of state.

“I guess it’s somewhat unusual for a politician to be so precise, logical, in his thought process,” actor Leonard Nimoy, who has portrayed Spock for more than 40 years, told The Associated Press in an e-mail interview. “The comparison to Spock is, in my opinion, a compliment to him and to the character.”” “Is Obama another Mr. Spock?

“It’s pretty evident that Obama has a truth allergy, which would make Spock blush green. And there is always that science + logic thing that Spock pulls on Dr. McCoy. Like, for example, if the scientific evidence (temperatures) goes the opposite of what is hypothesized by the theory, for let’s say some 10+ years, Spock would state it’s only logical that the theory (AGW) is illogical. Now, add to this that the Obama administration has chosen to passively condone the scientific fraud of Climategate, and the end result, in reality, is that Obama is the Anti-Spock as well as some other ‘anti’ personages more than likely.” “AP Says Obama Like Mr. Spock: Er, Guys…One Major Problem With That Spock Thing, Vulcans Don’t Lie


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  1. papertiger Says:

    I was thinking of some different Star Trek characters.Skeptics want the Data.Beleivers want the Lore.

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