Lubos on the sad state of affairs at Scientific American

“Sadly, Scientific American has been hijacked by aggressive ignorant people with a severely suppressed brain activity. One of them, John Ronnie, wrote what he calls “Seven answers to climate contrarian nonsense“. That’s quite a title for a publication that used to be something in between the popular and technical peer-reviewed magazine.

The article starts with a picture of James Inhofe, a “climate contrarian”. Ronnie argues that the common technical scientific terms for the likes of James Inhofe are “contrarians, naysayers, and denialists”. Oh, really? I thought that at least so far, these terms were not used by actual scientists but by unhinged environmentalist zealots. At least, Ronnie admits that not all the people are like Inhofe. Some of them are honest ignorants.

Fine, let’s get to his seven answers. They reveal the brainwashed ink-spiller’s breathtaking ignorance about the basics of science and its history.” Read more: “Scientific American answers to “contrarian nonsense”


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  1. Peter Spear Says:

    Wow, Lubos seems to be a bit pissed!It is a great read.

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