Monckton calls for a new land surface network

“Manifestly, something must now be done to put right the damage that has been done to climate science by the malevolent and incompetent antics of the [AGW] Team.

First, there is now a need for a standardized, international network of properly-sited, modern, automated land temperature monitoring stations, reporting by satellite so that the data are immediately available to all. The aim should be to equal the reliability and public accessibility of the ARGO bathythermographs that have been deployed for the past six years in the oceans.

Until this standardized network has been installed worldwide, calibrated, and declared operational, all terrestrial and satellite temperature records should be regarded with profound suspicion, and no public policy – particularly any policy that menaces the freedom, democracy, and prosperity of the West – should be founded upon them.” “Climategate: caught green-handed!


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