Reuters is the publishing arm of The Church of AGW

Keep in mind that this is supposed to be a “news” article from Reuters, not a press release from The Church of AGW (you’re excused if you thought otherwise):

“Australia’s major rivers are shrinking and farms are gripped by drought as scientists warn of climate change, but that has not convinced some skeptical politicians to back carbon-trade laws. …

The main conservative opposition is split over whether to support the laws in an obstructive upper house of parliament, with its third-most senior member and high-profile Senate leader Nick Minchin convinced climate change is all a conspiracy. …

Australia is already witnessing the effects of climate change, scientists say, with farmlands in the grip of a decades-long drought, drying riverbeds, record heatwaves and warnings of catastrophic bushfires as well as freak flash flooding in the north.

Large icebergs were also sighted recently near shipping lanes close to nearby New Zealand, much further north than usual. …

But Rudd’s carbon trade laws look doomed with climate skeptics like Minchin, who comes from a state where rivers are drying up, likely to reject or delay the laws. …

Despite Copenhagen looming, climate fears have also failed to dent Australian consumption, with figures on Monday showing Australians are building the world’s largest homes on average and filling them with air conditioning and appliances.

That can only add weight to the arguments of emerging giants like India and China in Copenhagen that they should not curtail economic growth ambitions over climate change, while countries like Australia remain on a path of comfortable consumption.” “Australian Climate Row Highlights Copenhagen Rifts


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