Aussie business groups "sup with the devil"

““The defeat of Rudd’s CPRS in the Senate today shows just how wrong headed most business groups have been over the politics of an ETS,” says The Nationals’ Senator Ron Boswell.

“The result shows that groups like the Business Council of Australia and Heather Ridout’s Australian Industry group have made a massive miscalculation in how to best represent their members’ interests.”

Nothing is inevitable in politics if you have the will and energy to fight it. This week is evidence of that.”

“Instead of taking a stance against the anti-business ETS, these groups tried to cosy up to the government.”

“Instead of exposing the flaws of the ETS, they recommended passing it to keep their access to government Ministers and the limited concessions they had won behind the scenes.”

“Some groups were even panting at the prospect of the billions of dollars of financial churn which their financial sector members would benefit from, to the substantial detriment of the real economy players in mining, agriculture and manufacturing.”

“Most peak groups have been totally compromised by their approach to Rudd’s ETS. Their members should replace the key policy makers with people who will actually stand up for them.”

Senator Boswell welcomed the NFF’s highly critical stance against the ETS in today’s media. “Finally, the NFF leadership has prosecuted the disastrous effects of the CPRS on farmers.”

“The ACCI has been a rare voice along with the Minerals Council and the Australian Coal Association in working to bring the anti-business impacts of the ETS to light.”

“This debate would have been far less long and painful if other business groups had taken a similar strong and truthful stance.”

Peak groups and organisations sup with the devil when they try to cosy up to the Rudd government. As more and more businesses realise the costs they would be up for under Rudd’s ETS, they will realise what poor service their representative bodies have given them.”” “CPRS defeat massive miscall by most business groups” h/t JunkScience December 2


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