California drives off cliff, high on AGW kool-aid

“Scientific, economic and political realities are reining in worldwide efforts to combat global warming. But not so in California. As others stop short of committing economic suicide, California’s overaggressive government could inflict further economic harm on the state.

The California Air Resources Board last week released a draft of its Draconian, top-down manipulation of the economy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The agency’s cap-and-trade regulations effectively would impose broad-based new taxes by making energy more costly and forcing industries to buy permission to emit greenhouse gases that bureaucrats insist dangerously warm the atmosphere. …

California’s air board advances even when most others won’t. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association estimates the CARB regulations will generate $143 billion in new state tax revenue from 2012-20 while adding $3.7 billion a year in fuel costs, $50,000 to the price of a new home and a 30-percent increase in electric bills. The California Manufacturers & Technology Association said is “gravely concerned” with the regulations’ new costs.” “Global-warming zealots in control


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