Latest from the clergy: humans cause Antarctic cooling

“A HUGE hole in the ozone layer has protected Antarctica from the impacts of global warming, according to scientists. The temperature across Antarctica has not risen over the past 30 years [it has cooled] and there has been a 10 per cent increase in the amount of sea ice appearing during winter.

Climate change sceptics regularly cite the lack of warming in Antarctica as evidence global warming is not happening.

However, researchers have now explained the phenomenon – they believe that a hole in the ozone layer above the continent has altered weather patterns and temperatures.

The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research [SCARE] carried out the first comprehensive review of the state of Antarctica’s climate. Their report, Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment, is published today.

Professor John Turner of the British Antarctic Survey, lead editor of the report, said: “For me the most astonishing evidence is the way that one man-made environmental impact – the ozone hole – has shielded most of Antarctica from another – global warming.”” “Antarctica protected from global warming by hole in ozone layer

Only one problem — the anthropogenic antarctic ozone hole theory is toast and solar-magnetic-field-modulated cosmic rays may be responsible (here and here).


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