"Say what?"

“Say what? Harrabin’s Notes: Debating the IPCC

In his regular column, the BBC’s environment analyst, Roger Harrabin, looks at how the affair of the stolen climate e-mails has sparked debate among some scientists about the body which peer reviews climate science: … The IPCC, steered by governments and drawing on the work of thousands of scientists and other experts, is the world’s biggest peer-review body. (BBC)

Since when does the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change perform peer-review?

Their pent-annual reports are simply a synopsis derived by lead and coordinating authors from already published work. Expert reviewers try to comment and have the finished product reflect the current understanding but, going by the complete failure of that process in AR4 and the successful gate-keeping by AGW zealots, the reviewers’ efforts are simply wasted if they do not reflect the desired predetermined outcome.

Under no circumstances does the IPCC perform peer-review of original works.

You’d think Harrabin had covered this beat long enough to at least know that.” JunkScience December 2


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