Capt. Queeg on the stand

This continues to remind me more and more of Capt. Queeg on the witness stand:

“Despite the growing controversy over e-mails and other data hacked from a prominent climate research center, the science behind global warming remains solid, several climate scientists told reporters in a conference call today.

“From a scientific point of view, nothing has changed,” said Michael Oppenheimer, director of Princeton’s science and environmental policy program, in a conference call hosted by the liberal Center for American Progress.

“Despite this very strong consensus that exists, there are a handful of people and organizations that have tried to cloud the debate who, frankly, have not contributed to an honest scientific discourse,” said Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State. Mann is one of the scientists whose e-mails were hacked; Penn State is investigating the issue. He said the e-mails were “stolen and misrepresented.” …

“Those advocating inaction don’t have the science on their side,” Mann said. “So they’ve turned to this last-minute smear campaign.”” “Researchers Stand By Climate Change Science

See also Planet Gore.


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