Greedy for tax revenue, hiding behind "global warming", Brown destroys Brit airline industry, hits tourism industry

AUSTRALIAN Tourism is taking a pounding by the new UK “climate” tax, with many airlines slashing the number of flights Down Under.

Despite industry opposition, Prime Minister Gordon Brown introduced a 112 per cent rise in a passenger duty, slugging a family of four wanting to fly to Australia with up to $700 in fees and charges.

The airline industry has hit back with new figures showing airlines operators have cancelled more routes and flights out of London than any other city in Europe, including a dozen flights Down Under.

Low-cost airline Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary, says the tax will result in 10 million passengers not flying in the next 12 months as a direct consequence of the tax. Already almost 80 routes out of London have been cancelled with more expected. …

“Air Passenger Duty is an important contributor to the public finances, while helping the Government to achieve its environmental goals,” he said.

The tax is based on an internal government study in June which concluded those flying further pay more since they were “contributing more to the emissions from aviation”.

Opposition aviation spokesman Greg Hands said Australian tourism and business would suffer. …

Qantas and BA protested the move but have been forced to slash the number of their code-shared flights to Australia.” “New UK airline tax hits Australia hard


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