On Pearl Harbor Day EPA bombs America

“Today, the Obama administration announced an unprecedented rule, one that will have far-reaching implications for each and every American. The Administration’s endangerment finding will lead to a wave of new regulations and bureaucracy that will wreak havoc on the American economy, destroy millions of jobs, and force consumers to pay more for electricity and gasoline.

This bureaucratic nightmare is based on flawed science. … EPA based its action today in good measure on the findings of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC. … EPA accepted those findings without any serious, independent analysis to see whether they were true. Of course, we now have thousands of emails showing several of the UN’s top scientists apparently evading laws requiring transparency, defaming scientists with opposing viewpoints, and manipulating data to fit preconceived opinions. They cooked the science. …

India and China, two of the world’s leading emitters of CO2, are left out. Of course, next week President Obama will try to spin “commitments” from India and China to address their emissions — yet these commitments will be effectively meaningless.

So, our jobs and our emissions will move to countries that have few if any environmental requirements. …

So today the American people are getting a raw deal: all cost with no benefit. Yet, the Obama Administration is moving forward anyway. Don’t forget that today’s action was taken just as the UN’s Copenhagen global warming conference gets started. President Obama will attend. He desperately wants to show the world he is doing something about global warming. Yet putting on this show has costs and the American people will pay for it …” “Inhofe: Climategate Reveals Faulty Science Supporting EPA Endangerment Finding


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