Unwelcome meddlers

“”I don’t know why I’m doing it,” [Steve McIntyre] said. “I have no particular cause, and I’m not trying to change public policies. I sort of like doing it, and I’m good at it.”

If scientists were really interested in learning the truth about global warming, [Ross] McKitrick said he and McIntyre would be encouraged for contributing to the debate. Instead, they are seen as unwelcome outsiders, meddling where they have no business.

He said many of the world’s top climate modellers have circled the wagons, denied them access to raw data and cast personal aspersions against the pair.

“Look at the e-mails,” said McKitrick. “There’s such strong tribalism in the field.

“The extraordinary thing about the climate issue, is that the scientific principle of critical thinking, of exploring the data and stating your views regardless of what your senior colleagues think – that idea has been lost in this field.”” “‘M and M’ stick in craw of climate-change crew


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