"Robbery in broad daylight"

“So declares the Wall Street Journal which suggests that much of the momentum for Copenhagen is now driven by the alternative fuels industry and its investors, who stand to lose vast sums unless governments artificially raise the price of carbon. …

I don’t think the majority of people even begin to realise quite what how big a scam the “carbon” market really is.

We saw yesterday an example of how one company, the Tata Steel Group, stood to gain £400 million a year from this market, without reducing in any way the amount of carbon dioxide produced. The alternative fuel industry, we know, actually consumes in total, more energy than it produces and the hugely inefficient wind industry survives only on a colossal raft of subsidies.

While Pachauri is eager to dismiss the sceptics as “criminals”, these rent-seekers are the real criminals, and their are not victimless crimes. The money that Tata Steel so diligently milks from the system does not grow on trees. …

And when it comes down to it, this is what Mann-made global warming is all about – money. It is “green” only in the sense that money – the once almighty dollar – is green. Copenhagen is robbery in broad daylight, and it is about time our opposition party made its voice known or, as The Times indicates today, there is a very good chance that it is likely to remain the opposition for a very long time.” “The real criminals” h/t Larry


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