Enviros jihad against coal energy continues

“”It is unfortunate, at a time when reliable and affordable energy is so desperately needed to reinvigorate our economy, that the nation’s energy industries are coming under repeated assault from nuisance lawsuits and appeals of environmental regulations,” said [coal mining company Consol Energy, Inc.’s] Chief Operating Officer Nicholas DeIuliis.

“It is challenging enough to operate our coal and gas assets in the current economic downturn without having to contend with a constant stream of activism in rehashing and reinterpreting permit applications that have already been approved,” he said.

His comments came in a press release announcing that about 104 workers at the Little Eagle Coal Co mine and 378 at the Fola Coal Co mine, near Bickmore, W. Va., might have to be laid off starting next Feb 7.

Consol attributed the Fola idling to an appeal brought under clean water and other laws, by the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC), against mining permits which have already been approved.

As a result of the OVEC appeal, a federal judge issued an order suspending Fola Coal Co’s Clean Water Act permit for the Ike Fork portions of Fola operations.

“Without this permit, neither Fola Coal Company nor Little Eagle Coal Company can satisfy the required specifications of its coal sales contracts,” Consol said in its release.

“To put it into human terms, we are talking about the jobs of nearly 500 of our employees at the Fola Operations, and the impact such legal interpretations will have on their quality of life and that of their families,” DeIuliis said. …

Between them, the two Fola operations to be idled produced just under 2 million tons of coal in 2007 out of Consol’s total production of about 65 million tons.” “Consol Idling Two Mines, Blames Environmentalists


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