"It’s a right wing conspiracy!" — Weaver and Hoggan

“Business interests and US partisan politics are behind the furor over leaked emails that have whipped up a controversy at the Copenhagen climate talks, Canadian experts say.

The global talks to hammer out a deal on curbing greenhouse gas emissions are being derailed by public attention on the so-called “Climategate,” scientist Andrew Weaver and author James Hoggan told AFP. …

But more importantly, [Hoggan] said, the success of the treaty being hammered out in Copenhagen in talks until December 18 will depend on the United States, where political opposition to climate change is “driven by an extremist view.” …

But Hoggan said close examination shows the email messages are not “scandalous,” and the real issue is the identities of whomever stole them and is “attempting to create or fabricate this scandal. …

“There is a war on science,” [Weaver] added, alleging it was being led by right-wing ideologues and business interests and their tactics “exploit a lack of scientific literacy in the general public.”

“An all-out attack on the validity of climate science has been undertaken by industry groups,” agreed Hoggan …” “US deniers behind ‘Climategate,’ experts allege


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