Captain Queeg on the stand again — "I'm no scientist"

“Watching the fallout of the so-called “ClimateGate” incident in recent weeks, one would think these revealed emails actually created a dent in the science of anthropogenic climate change. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. …

[N]or do they cast serious doubts on the exhaustive conclusions of the entire international scientific community over the last couple of decades. …

I’m no scientist, but as a rational human being, I can’t in good conscience doubt the enormous scientific consensus on climate change …

There is, however, a small minority of independent scientists with opposing theories on climate change. But they’re being continually discredited and exposed as serving the financial agendas of fossil fuel companies and the ideological agendas of right-wing think tanks, which see climate change as a threat to their prosperity. These entities have nevertheless utilized their extensive resources and clout to build an industry aimed at undermining widely-accredited science.” “Climategate exposed paranoia of conspiracy theorists


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