Circus in Dopenhagen tomorrow

“On Wednesday morning, a huge non-violent demonstration is planned that involves protesters marching into the Bella Center where talks are being held, and concerned delegates and NGO representatives — including Klein — are going to walk out. The goal? Shutting down the talks and establishing a people’s assembly. For Klein and other protesters, what’s on the table in negotiations is not nearly enough to really cut global emissions levels and to reduce further catastrophic climate change.

I sat down with Naomi Klein for an exclusive interview to discuss what’s happening on the ground, what messages aren’t getting out and what has gone very, very wrong. …

KG: What’s the reality you are seeing that is getting lost?

NK: It’s our job as journalists and activists to get the truth out there. And the truth is that there’s no deal that being discussed in there that speaks to the reality of the science, or speaks to a more just world. This has become a moral issue. The amount of money that is being discussed [for rich countries to give to poor ones] isn’t nearly enough, and everyone knows that. The UN process is out of control.” “Naomi Klein: the Copenhagen process is out of control, US politicians should stay home, mass arrests may occur

“Police say 968 people have been arrested during a climate change protest in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

Hundreds of youths dressed in black threw bricks and smashed windows as at least 30,000 people demonstrated in the centre of the city as world leaders debate global warming.

The rioters, whose faces were covered, went on the rampage in the heart of the city, prompting swift arrests as some 50 policemen in riot gear intervened. …

Earlier, two Britons were deported for vandalism and spitting on a police officer during the protests.” “Hundreds Held During Climate Change Protest


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