Is Schwarzenegger delusional?

“Californians know better than anyone else the devastating effects of severe environmental laws. The state is reeling from a mass exodus of businesses and employees who can no longer operate under such onerous restrictions. In 2008 alone, over a quarter million jobs were lost in the Golden State. Although California’s official unemployment rate is 12.3%, there are estimates it could really be as high as 20%. …

In 2006, Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 32, Kyoto-modeled legislation that mandated California reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. A recent study by the California Small Business Roundtable revealed that AB 32 will cost the state $71.46 billion annually. The annual cost to consumers will be $149.2 billion, and small businesses will pay $182.64 billion. The report also estimates the state will lose over 1.1 million jobs as a result of AB 32’s regulations—over 3% of the state population.

In the midst of the greatest economic decline since the Great Depression, California moves blindly onward in its quest to achieve green utopia. The San Diego Union Tribune recently asked Schwarzenegger whether he would consider suspending AB 32’s drastic regulations to help the state cope with the recession—a provision upon which he predicated his initial support for the legislation. Incredibly, despite all evidence to the contrary, and regardless of how dire the economic conditions, the Governor asserts he is “not going to suspend regulations that are creating jobs and stimulating the economy.”” “Schwarzenegger’s Costly War on Climate Change


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