"Terminating California"

“”We in California do not wait for Washington or Beijing or Kyoto,” Schwarzenegger said in Copenhagen. “We are moving forward and making great progress.” California has been a leader, all right — right over the climate cliff. The only drowning that’s been going on is taxpayers in red ink.

A recent study by the California Business Roundtable shows that Assembly Bill 32, modeled on the failed Kyoto Protocol and signed by Schwarzenegger in 2006, has helped contribute to California’s precipitous economic decline.

The study estimates that AB 32, when fully implemented, will cost the state some $71.46 billion annually. The cost to consumers will be $149.2 billion, and small businesses will pay $182.64 billion. The once-golden state will lose more than 1.1 million jobs — over 3% of the state’s population.

The San Diego Union-Tribune recently called for a suspension of AB 32, given that state unemployment is at 12.5% and it’s the state’s business climate that needs saving.” “Palin Vs. Arnold: Terminating California


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