William Gray on NASA’s "breakthrough" announcement

“”[NASA’s] AIRS [satellite] temperature and water vapor observations have corroborated climate model predictions that the warming of our climate produced as carbon dioxide levels rise will be greatly exacerbated — in fact, more than doubled — by water vapor,” said Andrew Dessler, a climate scientist at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.” “NASA Outlines Recent Breakthroughs in Greenhouse Gas Research

“We find that on a small space scale where rainfall is occurring OLR [outgoing longwave radiation] is greatly suppressed. But on the larger regional to global scales, OLR rises with increasing precipitation. This is due to increased return flow subsidence in the surrounding cloud free and partly cloudy areas. Globally, we are finding that net OLR increases with net increased amounts of global precipitation. This is the opposite of what most GCMs [general circulation models] have programmed into their models and, if I’m interpreting the new NASA announcement correctly, opposite to what they are currently reporting to the media.” “Is “several degrees” of warming “virtually certain” as NASA claims?


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