Wikipedia is controlled by RealClimate, part 2

“Engaging in politicized science via email isn’t the only cyber activity that left-enviro activists engage in however. Wikipedia is also a favorite target, particularly for a British global warming activist named William Connolley who seems to have made it his life’s mission to censor climate realists in the online encyclopedia. …

Climate alarmism seems to have become a personal obsession for him, however. Just this past Thursday, the UK Green Party politician made 31 comments or revisions to articles according to his user contributions page.

In the month of August 2009 (one which I picked randomly), Connolley had a total of 451 edits or comments, averaging out to 15 every day of the month. That, mind you, is with a two-week hiatus of August 15th through 24th where Connolley made no edits factored in.

During June of 2009, Connolley literally could not take a break from Wikipedia, making a whopping total of 815 contributions to the site spread over every day of the month, an average of 27 each day.

What sorts of edits has Connolley made to Wikipedia, however? For that, let’s turn to Canadian journalist Lawrence Solomon who has this excellent summary of just some of Connolley’s numerous wiki actions: [see part 1]

Quite disturbing indeed.

Incidentally, Connolley is currently up for election as a Wikipedia administrator. If you are a registered user, you can cast your ballot against his left-wing propaganda campaign here.

Such a horrendously biased an obsessed individual should not be allowed to decide what is neutral or fair, the ostensible guiding principle of Wikipedia.” “Leftist Green Party Member Exposed Using Wikipedia to Preach Enviro Doom” Connolley’s edit history here


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  1. papertiger Says:

    A Vote? I thought they gave him the sack. That's the worst news I've heard all day. The computer vote will be deleted and rewritten to the original before your computer has had time to reload the revision.I tried to vote just now. Found out somebody hacked my login info.Which just goes to show, at commiepedia the politbureau will keep commisar Connolley by whatever means necessary.Good news is Wiki is broke in a time when their back to the stoneage pleadings have impacted the wallet of fools who would contribute. Good show.Darwin Award on it's way to Jimmy Wales, because Connolleys sum of all human knowledge is more equal then others.

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