Most asinine alarmist claim I have seen in a long time

“Monkey species will become ‘increasingly at risk of extinction’ because of global warming, according to new research, published this week. It reveals that populations of monkeys and apes in Africa that depend largely on a diet of leaves may be wiped out by a rise in annual temperatures of two degrees Celsius. …

The researchers used climate models coupled with an analysis of quantitative data on the behaviour, diet and group size of different primate species across the world.” “African Leaf-Eating Primates ‘Likely to Be Wiped Out’ by Climate Change

Primates evolved and thrived in Africa during many, many periods of much warmer temperatures than today. What happened to “peer review” with this “research” paper? Could it be, as Cliff Mass says, “Poor papers with significant technical problems, but reflecting the “official” line, get published easily, while papers indicating the global warming is weaker or delayed, go through hurdle after hurdle”?


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