The market is the best test of efficiency

“With snowstorms in the air, cities that decided to “go green” by switching from incandescent to LED traffic lights are discovering that their new “green” traffic lights don’t melt snow through waste heat. The alternative requires sending crews out to actually clean off the LED traffic lights, a single such outing costs more energy and money than LED traffic lights can possibly save in a year.

But the incident is more than fodder for amusement value, it’s an illustration of just how inefficient, trying to be green is. …

Contrary to what most environmentalists believe, our technological civilization is not based around an orgy of wastefulness, but is in fact based on standards of market derived efficiency. Replace all the environmental charts and graphs with money, and what you have is a far more accurate measure of how efficiently we live. Companies are not in the business of wasting money, and most individuals at any level of income try to maximize their purchasing power. In other words we are already about as efficient as we’re likely to get. …

The presumption of energy efficiency is that it is possible to use non-market methods to achieve a higher standard of efficiency, and they have been proven wrong every time. So instead we have the rise of global warming, a political ideology propped up by phony science that tries to enforce energy efficiency in the name of an imaginary crisis, but in the process expends far more energy, and yes far more carbon, that dreaded element we keep exhaling into the atmosphere every time we breathe. …

The market is the best test of a technology, and by contrast politicized technological solutions yield very little concrete besides corruption, inefficiency and huge deficits. …

But instead we have politicized technology, the entire “green” movement is nothing more and nothing less than the demand that every product we buy and every piece of technology we use be subject to ideological and political approval.

America’s strength has always been in its independence of thought and its democratized market tested products. Take that away and all we become is another demonstration of the abysmal commercial and intellectual failure of central planning, and putting politics over production.” “Red Lights, Green Lights and the Inefficiency of Energy Efficiency


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