Looks like clear cutting rainforest to grow idiotic biofuels will continue

“A plan to protect the world’s biologically rich tropical forests by paying poor nations to protect them was shelved Saturday after world leaders failed to agree on a binding deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. …

“REDD [Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation] gets punted along for another year,” said Kevin Conrad, executive director of the Coalition of Rainforest Nations, which includes many of the 40 tropical countries that would take part in the program.” “UN plan to save world’s forest is shelved, victim of chaotic UN climate talks in Copenhagen


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  1. Kevo Says:

    Fascinating and sad.I would have thought conservation of tropical rainforests and preservation of marine habitats would be two no-brainer, global-level objectives worth pursuing.As in, old fashioned – conservation ( before it got all religious and became an -ism ).The fact that everything is now tied to schemes to reduce emissions of CO2 and methane surely validates the opinion of those like Dr Pielke who state that this is far too narrow a focus.So the world can go to hell in a handcart if there isn't an emissions permit attached to the plan somehow. Madness.

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