New paper by Qing-Bin Lu

A new paper by Qing-Bin Lu of the University of Waterloo is making quite a splash (see e.g. WUWT). The paper purports to show that solar-magnetic-field-modulated cosmic rays are responsible not only for the Antarctic “ozone hole” (see prior paper by Lu here) but also for recent climate change through a mechanism involving cosmic rays and chlorofluorcarbons (CFCs) described in the abstract as follows:

“The cosmic-ray driven electron-induced reaction of halogenated molecules adsorbed on ice surfaces has been proposed as a new mechanism for the formation of the polar ozone hole. Here, experimental findings of dissociative electron transfer reactions of halogenated molecules on ice surfaces in electron-stimulated desorption, electron trapping and femtosecond time-resolved laser spectroscopic measurements are reviewed. It is followed by a review of the evidence from recent satellite observations of this new mechanism for the Antarctic ozone hole, and all other possible physical mechanisms are discussed. Moreover, new observations of the 11 year cyclic variations of both polar ozone loss and stratospheric cooling and the seasonal variations of CFCs and CH4 in the polar stratosphere are presented, and quantitative predictions of the Antarctic ozone hole in the future are given. Finally, new observation of the effects of CFCs and cosmic-ray driven ozone depletion on global climate change is also presented and discussed.”

I don’t think the paper adequately explains recent climate change however, primarily because I don’t think CFCs are primarily responsible for the Antarctic “ozone hole”. I think the observed correlation of cosmic rays and the Antarctic “ozone hole” has a much simpler explanation. For a good discussion of the latter issues see the article at Junk Science.


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