Collateral damage of the AGW cult

“The environmental movement threw most of its efforts behind the AGW media offensive. All of its eggs in one basket.

In my adopted home state of Oregon, Google offers 3,400,000 hits for “global warming,” but only 359,000 for “old growth” and 16,600 for “endangered salmon.” AGW’s Tet Offensive has crowded out discussions about soil conservation, habitat preservation, chemical contaminants in the food chain, safe drinking water, and so many other important environmental issues.

Now, AGW is exposed for the specious theory that it is. Respected scientific voices have long voiced skepticism and are now being heard. The Climategate scandal caused the most fundamental data behind AGW to be questioned. Sunlight is a great disinfectant for methodologies “proving” AGW. The word is out. This is good. Rigorous standards must be applied to scientific inquiry.

The environmental movement’s Tet Offensive has failed.

But what will the cost of the “all your eggs in one basket” approach be to the environmental movement?

It will be much harder to persuade the public to listen to discussions of the less sexy but verified environmental problems facing us. The press, unable to resist a bandwagon, will enable this. The many important environmental issues facing us will fade from our consciousness until the public’s resentment over being manipulated wanes. There will be many costs to pay in the meantime.” “AGW: The Greens’ Tet Offensive


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