A thankful Christmas

“I’m thankful that the US emits such huge amounts of carbon dioxide. Yes, I know that’s not a politically correct statement. But the simple truth is that carbon dioxide emissions are closely correlated with energy consumption and energy consumption is almost perfectly correlated with wealth. The US is wealthy because Americans are able to consume huge amounts of hydrocarbons. And those hydrocarbons provide nearly 90% of the primary energy consumed in the US. …

I’m thankful that America provides so much of its own energy. Amidst the continuing blather from various political factions on the Right and the Left about the need for “energy independence,” the reality is that the US produces 74% of all the energy it consumes. The US ranks first in the world in the production of electricity from nuclear reactors (ahead of France). It ranks second in coal production (behind China), second in natural gas production (behind Russia), third in oil production (behind Saudi Arabia and Russia), and fourth in hydro production (behind China, Canada, and Brazil). All that production – combined with significant imports of oil – allows the US to provide gargantuan quantities of power to its citizens. And it’s that power availability that has made the American economy into a powerhouse. So the next time you hear one of the many energy posers complaining about the evils of foreign oil, remind yourself that the US remains a leader in every category of energy production. …

I’m thankful that I’ve finished all the copy edits on my next book, Power Hungry: The Myths of “Green” Energy, and the Real Fuels of the Future. For the past year or so, I’ve been busting my tail to finish the book, which will be published in April by PublicAffairs. I’m proud of the manuscript, which explains why we’ll be using hydrocarbons for decades to come, why renewable energy sources like wind and solar are not “green,” and why natural gas and nuclear are the fuels of the future. Of course, I’m biased. But Power Hungry contains the best explanation of energy and power that I’ve seen.” “A Panoply of Energy-Related Holiday Blessings


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