AGW Christmas gift: "The appeal is fear"

“What says holiday cheer better than a ton of carbon dioxide?

Rebecca Young of Mountain View, Calif., recently opened her mail to find a gift from an old friend in New York City.

Carbon reduction certificate,” it read. It is good for three tons of carbon emissions that will be “retired” in her name so that no power plant will ever release them into the atmosphere. …

Carbon reduction certificates are the latest hot eco-gift, suitable for the environmentally aware, hard-to-shop-for loved one who already has an adopted humpback whale or some symbolic rainforest acreage.

They are sold by the Adirondack Council, a nonprofit group that watches over New York’s 9,300-square-mile Adirondack Park and sells $25 certificates for carbon emissions that it obtained at carbon trading auctions. …

Alan Chartock, president and chief executive of WAMC Northeast Public Radio in Albany, said his station offered 600 carbon certificates donated by the council for a minimum of $100 per certificate during a fund drive earlier this year.

He said he was “astounded” by the response. “We were inundated with telephone calls,” he said. “Some people wanted one for each grandchild.”

Mr. Chartock said the certificates drew donations of up to $1,000 each and were just as popular as conventional items like CD recordings of interviews with the singers James Taylor and Pete Seeger. (The station received pledges for another 278 carbon dioxide certificates during a second fund-raiser in the summer.)

The appeal is fear,” he said. “People are really concerned about what’s happening in the planet.”” “For Caring Consumers, the Gift of Carbon Dioxide” h/t Planet Gore


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