Biofuels kill

“BC [British Columbia], like so many other jurisdictions, continues to show its support for one of the most socially distasteful schemes of modern times — to kill off millions, perhaps billions, of people in the third world by reducing the global supply of food.

One of the most under-reported stories in the west today are widespread food riots caused by escalating food prices. Millions have died. The scale of this catastrophe completely dwarfs the Asian tsunami, and yet we have not heard a peep from the media.

A search of Google for “food riot” returns 3000 videos, 4 million images, and 9 million web pages. Check it out.

The World Bank has estimated that around two-thirds of the recent dramatic increase in food prices was directly attributable to using land to grow biofuels instead of food. And this is only the beginning.

Now, BC reiterates its support for and participation in this scheme, in the name of reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere — despite the fact that additional CO2 increases the productivity of food crops. …

And yet, despite the innumerable problems, BC turns a blind eye and marches ahead to the beat of the climate-change drummer — who, by the way, has no clothes.

Below is the latest press release from the province about new regulations to ‘encourage’ the use the biofuels in BC.” “BC’s killer plan to reduce emissions


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