Last interglacial warmer, sea level higher

Three to 5 degrees warmer and nothing happened to the planet, no “runaway” warming, no tipping point, nada, and CO2 had nothing to do with it:

“Around 125,000 years ago, global warming drove sea levels to surge by more than 20 feet.

Sea levels were likely eight meters higher around 125,000 years ago when polar temperatures were 3-5 degrees Celsius (5.4-9 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer, says a new study published Wednesday …

“We find a 95 percent probability that global sea level peaked at least 6.6 meters (nearly 22 feet) higher than today during the last interglacial,” the study said.

“It is likely to have exceeded 8.0 meters (around 26 feet) but is unlikely to have exceeded 9.4 meters (nearly 31 feet),” it said. …

The researchers also calculated that during the last interglacial period the average sea level rose six to nine millimeters a year compared to around two millimeters a year during the 20th century.” “Sea Levels Spiked With Ancient Warming Event


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