Stalinist tactics continue at Wikipedia

“Continuing Wikipedia’s trend of blocking skeptics from the ClimateGate debate, another skeptic has been banned from Wikipedia. This time it’s me.

I have a total of 1 edit to Wikipedia. Yes, just 1. And it’s not even to an actual article.

On the ClimateGate deletion discussion page I said that William Connolley should not be allowed to vote on the ClimateGate issue, as he’s personally involved in it. I provided two links to ClimateGate emails involving him.

And now I’m indefinitely blocked.

Screenshot showing I’ve been blocked. [screenshot]

Screen shot showing every edit I’ve ever made to Wikipedia. It’s from the deletion discussion page. (Minus links to emails that someone edited out.) [screenshot]

I’ve sent off an email to the admin who blocked me, Rlevse, asking why he blocked me.” “Another skeptic blocked from Wikipedia — me


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  1. Shug Niggurath Says:

    And I'd look at this post being related to the deletion of your blog.

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