Watermelons: "The transition from red into green"

“The decade just past marked the transition from red into green. It was the decade in which environmentalism replaced socialism as the authoritarians’ and the busybodies’ ideology of choice. …

[S]aving the planet is not what environmentalism is all about. Saving the planet is just the excuse. Controlling other people’s lives and redistributing global wealth is the true goal. …

[T]he [enviro] mindset … today wants to tell others how much carbon energy they can consume — what kind of vehicle is “responsible,” how big their homes should be, how many hours a day they should run their furnaces or air conditioners or televisions, what kind of light bulbs they should use and so on …

[I]t’s no coincidence that much of the impetus for worldwide control of emissions comes from the left. Nor is it a coincidence that most environmentalists are also supporters of universal health care, social justice, high taxes, the heavy regulation of commerce and the transfer — by compulsion, if necessary — of hundreds of billions of dollars from rich countries to poor.

That’s just their mindset: To be happy, they have to be telling others what to do based on a self-assured belief in their own moral and intellectual superiority. …

When socialism collapsed as an intellectual movement in the 1990s, the intrusive, holier-than-thou, we-know-best attitude behind it did not disappear, it merely refashioned itself in the last decade as environmentalism.” “Environmentalism is just the latest way to tell other people what to do


One Response to “Watermelons: "The transition from red into green"”

  1. DocRichard Says:

    When called a watermelon here in the UK I respond that I would rather be like a watermelon than like a baboon's bottom, because over here, conservatives are blue.But I have no ready answer when called a watermelon by someone from Nevada. Except to say that I am not and have never been a communist, marxist, trotskyist nor even a socialist. I just happen to believe that mankind is not a self-existent being, viewed either as individual or as society. We are dependent on a deeply complex physico-biological system and must learn how to live within the constraints of that system without damaging it. This is political ecology,or Green for short. Political philosophy is not fixed, it is subject to change. This ecplains why you find green stuff everywhere.Happy new year to all anyway.I will now continue my search for information on long term solar cycles.

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