Blog restored

Last night I received an email from informing me that this blog had been “deleted” because of “spam”. As there is no spam on this blog I was perplexed.

All last night and today this blog was dark. Now, with a little help from my friends, this blog has been restored. I don’t know why this happened. I am not paranoid, but blogspot bloggers, be on notice.


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  1. C3 Says:

    It seems there have been a few instances of non-politically correct blogs on Blogger having problems. Maybe just a coincidence……I can say my experience with Typepad has been good, and I recently ported a backup version of the blog to the WordPress platform (took a couple of hours).C3

  2. astonerii Says:

    It is a progressive tactic that is encouraged by the progressive Google management to silence conservatives. They allow people to make reports with anonymity and shut the site down. Frequently, the Google team takes about 1 hour to shut down a site and a few weeks to investigate and bring the site back up. I have seen at least 2 such instances over the last 5 years. While it could just be coincidence that it happens to conservative view sites, that does not seem to jive with the time lines that many previous blackouts have followed.

  3. jblethen Says:

    I am not willing to accuse Google of singling out conservative sites, but it is true that at least 3 skeptic sites have been deleted in the last month.

  4. CoRev Says:

    JB, I too had it happen, IIRC twice. The response to correct is usually within a few hours after notification that it is in error. It does appear to be a tactic used by some who disagree with the blog content. Blogger might be advised to better p[olice this function.

  5. Shug Niggurath Says:

    Get it backed up and ready to port over somewhere else. Just in case likes.

  6. papertiger Says:

    You're getting to 'em. It's how you can tell.

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