Well isn't that special!

“[O]ne family in the United Kingdom is being praised and held up as an example for the rest of the country and world to follow.

The Strauss family, who come from Longhope, Gloucestershire managed to get through all of 2009 filling only one garbage can. The family found a variety of ways to reduce the amount of rubbish they were throwing away to literally only a handful or so a week. They grow much of their own food, do their own composting, and only buy food from local vendors, which makes extra packaging unnecessary. Studies have shown that a large percentage of the trash that gets put in landfills comes from some type of packaging. The Strauss’ managed to cut theirs down by doing things like bringing their own reusable packaging to the butcher.

The family also recommends buying clothes from second hand shop, and reusing packaging in gardening applications.” “Eco family produces nearly zero waste


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  1. astonerii Says:

    I saw that in another spot and commented on it. People like that should actually be ostracized, as they end up causing other people to pick up their lack of productivity.

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