Deleted again! Restored again!

My blog was deleted Dec. 30, restored the next day, then deleted again this morning! I have no idea what is going on but if anyone else in the skeptic community is having this problem with blogspot I would like to hear about it. I am informed that this should not happen again to this blog, but I am wary after recent events. Happy New Year all.


4 Responses to “Deleted again! Restored again!”

  1. astonerii Says:

    I will just restate it again.Google, Wiki, fully owned and operated by progressive minded people. Trust them at your own risk. Others have had better luck with other resources, and a change over might do you some good.I tried to get a Google account, they only will give you one if you provide a cell phone number. I mean SERIOUSLY, how stupid does Google think people are to give them a cell phone number they can then hand over to their spam department.Also, remember, Google is perfectly willing to work with despotic regimes to keep populations ignorant and submissive.

  2. J Bryan Says:

    Well CA moved to wordpress you might take that as a clue.

  3. GORE LIED Says:

    You might ask Tom Nelson if he has had similar problems. I know that he's had different types of problems with Blogger/blogspot. On a couple of different occassions I've recommended to Tom that he get his own domain and hosting, and I'd make the same recommendation to you. Although Blogger/blogspot is FREE, you don't own anything, and are at their mercy. I pay about $75/year for my domain and hosting, and using the WordPress publishing platform makes blogging a breeze compared to Blogger. The comment spam detector is worth the entire cost if you ask me.Anyway, like I've told Tom Nelson, I'd highly recommend you make the switch and own your site outright. The Daily Bayonet and Australian Climate Madness have both made the switch in the past year too, and both are very happy that they did. If you have any questions about it, please let me know.

  4. ytba Says:

    Welcome back. I hope it's for good.

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